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 Seasons's Greeting From FIICC!!
FIICC Events Dec 22nd 2014 HappY Hanukkah !!!
FIICC welcomes His Excellency Mr Daniel Carmon Israeli Ambassador to India & Mr David Akov,Consul General Of Israel In Mumbai . — at Bombay Gymkhana Club.

                                His Excellency Mr Daniel Carmon Israeli Ambassador to India

                                          Mr David Akov,Consul General Of Israel In Mumbai .

                                Commitee Members of FIICC



HappY Hanukkah !!

Photo: FIICC President lighting Menorah on the 4th Night!!!
Wishing you all Happy Hanukkah!!

President Lighting on sixth Day Hanukkah at FIICC 

Our Federation News : Issue No 1 Date : Sept 29th,2014

An update to all members of the Federation of Indo- Israel Chambers of Commerce re the Meeting held with Mr David Akov, Consul General of Israel at the Consulate of Israel, Mumbai on 23rd September 2014.

The newly appointed Hon. Consul General Mr. David Akov warmly welcomed the Committee and assured the FIICC of his full support towards realizing its objectives, even mentioning that the FIICC could treat the Consulate 'as their second home' if that would in any way help in achieving their desired goals. The Committee thanked him for his kind gesture and welcomed him as the Patron of the FIICC. 

The CG informed the Committee of the impending visit by the Israeli University representatives between Nov 17th and Nov 22nd to Mumbai and recommended that the FIICC organize one event in a South Mumbai college between the students and faculty of various colleges. This would foster a closer understanding between the students and teachers community of the two countries, and lead to closer and wider interaction in the future. 

President Gul Kriplani offered to use his good offices and try to arrange such a meeting at the Jai Hind College Auditorium or some other college in the vicinity. 

The CG also laid stress on the ongoing close cooperation between the two countries in the field of Agriculture. Israel is a world leader in drip irrigation, water saving and crop protection technologies and innovations, and there is a vast scope and potential for India to benefit from this expertise. FIICC could play an important role in widening this area of activity in 2015. 

The CG also touched upon Israel's growing expertise in the field of cyber security. This could particularly be applicable in the banking segment.  The CG offered to give details of the suppliers of this superior technology in Israel and suggested FIICC could arrange for meetings between these suppliers and potential Indian clients, mainly banks. 

Judah Samuel asked for the CG's intervention in the issue of the second passport for an Israel visa.  Currently, a second passport is issued by the Passport office only in Mumbai and Delhi. This makes it very difficult and cumbersome for people residing in other cities and towns to obtain the second passport for getting an Israel visa. 

Judah requested the CG to use their good offices in their Embassy with the MEA to extend this facility to other cities also, to enable an increasing number of Indians get visas for travelling to Israel. After all, it is the desired aim of both countries to substantially increase the flow of traffic between India and Israel for business and tourism, and this vital step would go a long way in achieving this goal. 

The CG promised to look into this important issue and see what best could be done. 

The meeting ended on a very cordial note, and it was unanimously decided to hold such meetings on a quarterly basis. 

Present at the Meeting were the following Committee Members of FIICC :

1. Mr. Gul Kriplani - President
2. Mr. Judah Samuel - Vice President
4. Mr. Ralphy Jhirad - Secretary General
5. Ms. Eddna Samuel - Treasurer 
6. Mr. Puneet Mittal - Deputy Secretary General

Members response and feedback is most welcome and to be emailed to : gsec.fiicc@gmail.com

 ABOUT Federation of Indo Israel Chambers of Commerce (FIICC)

The FIICC is the only  bilateral chamber in India which has Israel and only Israel as its partner, unlike other Federations and Confederations.  For them it is one of the 147 countries whereas for us, it is just 1 country, Israel.

FIICC is a privately funded, non profit organization representing select members from the business community  It was launched on January 11th 2009, by H. E. Mr. Mark Sofer, Ambassador of Israel to India, in the presence of H.E. Mr. S.C. Jamir, the previous Governor of Maharashtra and Mrs. Orna Sagiv, the previous Consul General of Israel, Mumbai, with the aim to forge trade relations and encourage exchange of trade between the businessmen and professional communities from India and Israel.

 Its Core Committee comprises 12 members who are experts in the fields of Law, Finance, IT,  PR, Culture, Travel & Tourism and Indo-Israel business relations, Infrastructure, Agricultural solutions, Growing techniques, Modern Irrigation facilities, Medical Equipment , Renewable Energy solutions , Telecom Services, etc

Our aim is very clear, to forge trade relations and encourage trade relations between businessmen and professional communities from India and Israel and work closely with the Israel India and Israel Asia Chambers of Commerce.

Only recently, we held a General Body Meeting, where we elected a new Managing Committee led by Mr. Gul Kripalani, President.

The other Committee members are and I would like to introduce them to you :

1.    Mr. Ralphy Jhirad

2.    Mr. Michael Fernando

3.    Dr. Sunny Pariyaram

4.    Mr. Albert Talegaokar

5.    Mr. Brian Lobo

6.    Mr. Asghar Ali

7.    Ms. Edna Samuel

8.    Mrs. Perpetual Sood

9.    Judah Samuel

During the period of the last 2 years, we jointly hosted the Tourism Minister of Israel, Mr. Stas Misejnikov, and . Dr.  Uzi Landau, Minister of Energy & Water Resources.

We have organised several programmes and workshops in Security, Agriculture, Water, etc.  and have organized a Delegation to Israel to visit Agritech and in November 2010,  a Delegation from India along with IMC and the Rotary Club of Bombay, visited Israel and had a firsthand look at the facilities in Israel.

In the coming year, we plan  to bring a Delegation of Dairy & Homeland Security and hold  B2B meetings in Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, for now.

On the anvil is also a planned Food Festival Event around Rosh Hannaha. 

We are also planning a Doctors Delegation to vist Israel jointly with Haddasa Hospital in the fields of Cardiology, Bone Marrow Transplant and Neurology.

We hope next year Law Asia will chose Jerusalem as the venue for their Convention.

The Travel Agents Federation of India consisting of over 600 Indian agents will hold their annual convention in the 2nd week of September in Jerusalem.

And finally, it is our endeavour that we will be able to establish in Mumbai a full fledged Israel Cultural Centre.

Coming to the issue of people to people contact, we have just founded an organization called Friends of Israel initiative.  This is  non-political and consisting of non-Jewish members who are willing to stand up for Israel and make a difference.  Mr. Brian Lobo is heading this initiative as Chairman.

 The New Committee of Federation Indo Israel Chamber of Commerce FIICC:
Mr. Gul Kripalani – President Mr. Judah Samuel Mr. Ralphy Jhirad Ms. Eddna Samuel Mr. Brian Lobo Mr.Albert Talegaokar Mr. Michael Fernando Mr. Puneet Mittal

Thanks to all who attended the Seminar on 

"How to Do Business in Israel" 

held On 22 May 2014 organized by Federation of Indo Israel Chambers of Commerce (FIICC) in association with Indian Merchant Chambers ( IMC) & Consulate General of Israel.We hope this seminar was beneficial to you in terms of knowledge networking and new  connections toward achieving your goals. We've provided event documents and presentations that may be useful to you in the future. 

Mr. Gul Kripalani – President , Hassan Madah ,Judah Samuel,Ralphy Jhirad,
Nadirshaw Dhondy , Puneet Mittal , Satish Kanodia & Eddna Samuel



FIICC Committee Members organised farewell to His Excellency, Mr. Alon Ushpiz, Israeli Ambassador to India today@the Bombay Gymkhana,Mumbai. 

 The New Committee of Federation Indo Israel Chamber of Commerce FIICC:
Mr. Gul Kripalani – President Mr. Judah Samuel Mr. Ralphy Jhirad Ms. Eddna Samuel Mr. Brian Lobo Mr.Albert Talegaokar Mr. Michael Fernando Mr. Puneet Mittal

A wonderful human being, compassionate, warm and understanding under his  leadership, he has  taken Israel in the Indian scenario to a greater height and set the standards high.His  popularity  and appreciation by Indians and the Jews in particular is because of his  personal participation at the SATTE Exhibitions in Delhi and finally made the office of the Ministry of Tourism in India a reality.

 Wishing him good luck, good health and success in his future career and may he continue to shine.


                                 Y.E. . Mr. Alon Ushpiz – Israeli Ambassador to India

                                Y E Jonathan Miller, Con. General of Israel in Mumbai.

Farewell To Consul General Mr Jonathan Miller
26th June 2014 Bombay Gymkhana





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