Creating Videos That Build Brand and Drive Sales

Storytelling through video has become part of the required content marketing toolkit for brands looking to create awareness in their market. Old Spice, for example, sought to refresh a sleepy brand; Jack Dorsey launched a whole new product category with Square Cash; and Red Bull created a movement with its "Gives You Wings" campaign.

The power of video to move consumers to act has played out nicely in the numbers. YouTube users watch more than 6 billion hours of video per month; that's up 50% over last year according to YouTube execs. Meanwhile, Cisco predicts that two-thirds of the world's mobile traffic will be video by 2016. 

We are glad to be associate with My Video Talk - Global Leaders in the field of Video Streaming and web conferencing solutions!!!! 
 A preview how its looks in your email :

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with Video E-mail we will be able to replace text e-mail communication in coming

few years and there by elimination all the e-mail communication barriers. Also with web conferencing available through us, world will be a closer place to live.

This  revolutionary product  "Video Broadcasting, Video Channel  and Video Email" system defines how "Advertising, Marketing and Promotion" is going to be done for years to come!

My team is exploding with the implementation of our Video Technology & turnkey lead generation system.

We combine the power of "Video Technology and Digital Marketing and Advertising" allowing one to be in two places at once, share our special moments and even build a greater brand loyalty among customers.

All without annoying  downloads, pop-up windows, software to install or attachments to open!

And with our video templates, you can add razzle-dazzle to any message in less than two minutes.

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