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The Hair Restore Clinic To Work Alongside Motif

Motif has announced that the Hair Restore Clinic will be the newest account that the popular marketing firm will be working alongside. Now that is definitely big news given the sheer size of the brand. Motif will be responsible for assisting the clinic with solutions for brand positioning and messaging needs. This includes a strong emphasis on a variety of marketing campaigns.

The partnership has been established between the two entities as they agree upon the goals and requirements that have been set up. These include the needs to work harder towards achieving certain goals for making the business aspects of the firm operate as well as possible. These goals particularly include a desire for the hair restoration firm to create a sense of outreach and contact to those who are interested in learning more about hair restoration and how they can use it in their lives to make their bodies look more appealing for now and the future.

About the Hair Company

The Hair Restore Clinic is a clinic that operates out of the city of Mumbai and also has a satellite clinic location in Dubai. Operated by Dr. Rajesh Rajput, the Hair Restore Clinic provides men with hair growth solutions of all kinds. The firm particularly places an emphasis on hair transplant surgery to help treat all kinds of baldness problems around the scalp. Solutions for treating bald spots on facial hair areas are also provided by the firm.

The service caters to men all around India and provides solutions from doctors who are fully trained and experienced with hair transplant procedures. Dr. Rajput in particular is certified by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, a prominent certification board in the United States, and is also the developer of the Cyclical Vitamin Program, a solution provided to men to help support the nutritional requirements for keeping a healthy head of hair going for years to come.

What Motif Plans On Doing

The solutions that Motif will be operating with include a variety of options for helping the firm to expand its reach around India. Motif will provide brand positioning solutions devoted to helping the Hair Restore Clinic become more associated with particular hair growth treatments.

In particular, Motif is planning on operating a number of integrated marketing communications campaigns. These include plans for public relations on social media. Part of this involves the creation and maintenance of social media pages to give prospective clients a better view of how the firm operates.

National media relations services are also going to be offered. These services are designed to provide the firm with an improve sense of control over how it will operate with particular messages in mind. These include messages that are based off of what the company wants to highlight and the newest trends that are being offered. The solutions that are provided through Motif will be designed as a means of helping the Hair Restore Clinic to advance and move forward in today's current economic and competitive climate.



"We’re happy to announce that we have chosen Motif India as our Branding Design company. We are glad to see this new look of our website! www.hairlossindia.com
We like our new look.We hope you do too!
Dr. Rajesh Rajput Mrs Pooja Rajput 

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Causes and treatment for hair loss in women

crop3_240x240_15july14A woman’s beauty lies in her thick hair growth. A girl from 15 to a women at 70 is highly concerned about hair fall, hair splitting, hair thinning. Till date unfortunately only Salons were trying to provide solutions by hair oil massage and suggesting some products.
Women’s hair loss is being treated with anti hormone medicines, meso therapy injections, PRP injections, growth factor injections and finally hair transplants which most of the times do not give results.
The causes for hair loss in women are multiple, vague, immeasurable by any yardstick and cannot be ascertained by any tests. Women can suffer hair loss even with blood tests, hormone levels, iron, calcium, Vit. D, Vit. B12 and thyroid levels being perfectly normal. The body is maintaining normal blood levels of all elements by not using them for making the hair. It is a state of compensated failure. The moment we provide adequate support, hair growth is regained.
Hair growth requires a balance of all nutrients. Too many nutrients given together counter the effectiveness of one another. Iron and calcium given together chelate each other (they do not bond with each other) and reduce efficiency by 40%. Excess Vitamin A, E, Omega 3, Omega 6 cause hair loss instead of hair growth. Hair is made up of specific amino acids which need to be selectively provided without causing rise in acidity.
In Dr. Rajesh Rajput’s unique approach, he has reduced the dosage and improved the efficiency of the supplements by prescribing them over different days. The Cyclical Therapy uses antioxidants and calcium on one day, iron, folic acid, Vit. C, Omega 3 on second day followed by aminoacids, B-Complex, Biotin, Co-Q10 on third day. The low dose prevents hyper vitaminosis, follows the same sequence and proportion required for hair growth in the body and makes the supplements
efficient to be use by the body.
In addition hair growth stimulation and active growth phase in reached by use of low dose bio mimetic peptides, capixyl, minoxidil , epigenin, bio-chinin, amexidil as per the patients choice, with once a week or twice a week US FDA approved, Low Light LaserTherapy.
Hair fall is controlled within 4-6 weeks. Better hair quality and new hair growth is visible on photographs within 2 months. The growth further improves as the hair roots become stronger every 2 months.
Instead of using drugs or medicines to counter the causes for hair loss the therapy acts by strengthening the hair roots, promoting hair growth and preventing damage. All of which is achieved without use of any medicines and using low dose balanced supplements which deliver wellness, good health as well as hair growth.
Dr. Rajesh Rajput Hair Restore, M.S., M.Ch.,
Aesthetic & Hair Transplant Surgeon
Dr. Rajesh Rajput, a Trichologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon, has an experience of 25 years in providing focused solutions for hair transplant surgery for women and men. He has performed over 3,500 transplant procedures for patients from all over the world. He has also pioneered Cyclical Hair Treatment which controls hair loss & induces over 30% new hair growth in 2-4 months without side effects.

Dr. Rajesh Rajput Hair Restoration Clinic  

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